Reading about it.

“Marathon Woman” was up on Clean Sheets, one of my favorite erotica sites. I also have copies of “Lipstick on Her Collar”. edited by Sacchi Green and Rakelle Valencia. I’m the first story in the book, which makes me very happy.

Some new acceptances too, some going back quite a way. Firstly, “College Reunion” will be in the Mammoth Book of Erotic Confessions, ETA May 2009. That one will be under a made up name (What! And you thought Cheyenne Blue was invented! ;). Then “White Rush” and “Lake Logan” will both be in Alison Tyler’s upcoming “Frenzy” put out by Cleis Press. Also upcoming from Cleis is Radclyffe’s “Best Lesbian Romance 2009”. My story “Eyes” has made the cut for that. Then, after an absence of a couple of years, I have a story, “What If?”, in “Best Women’s Erotica 2009”. And finally, I’m also short listed for Tristan Taormino’s “Best Lesbian Erotica”. I’ll keep you posted!