Bad Cheyenne! Months without an update. Firstly, I have in my hands a slew of contributor’s copies. “Tales of Travelrotica for Lesbians Volume 2” edited by Simone Thorne contains my story “Carrowkeel”, which is the last story in the book. Rightly or wrongly, I always get a real kick out of being one of the first two or last two stories. Not that I’ve ever been the number one cab off the rank. Someday, maybe. Travelrotica has great stories from great authors. Don’t miss “In from the Cold” by Lynne Jamneck. Also edited by Simone Thorne is “Best Lesbian Love Stories: Summer Flings” which has my Colorado story, “Warm Hands”.

The cover of Rachel Kramer Bussel’s “Sex and Candy” is exactly like the contents: a riotous swirl of warmth and variety. My story “Rosehips are Red” is in here, and I’ll let you into a secret. The dog in the story, Sammy, was a real and much loved friend. I miss him, but I’m happy that in some small way he gets to live on in this story.

Some acceptances too. “Postcards from Europe” is included in Alison Tyler’s “J is for Jealousy”, those dinky books with the gorgeous covers and steamy contents.

The ever-awesome folks at Clean Sheets have accepted “Marathon Woman” which is another story about running and sex. Or is that sex and running? Publication date for that is tentatively in early April.