Not-So-Straight Sue


I seem to have been sitting on this book forever, but it’s finally here. Not-So-Straight Sue is now available directly from Ylva Publishing. It’s a story about coming out, friendship, lawyers, doctors, the Australian outback, dogs, family, small towns, ex-girlfriends, finding your place in life, horses, rural life, wine-drinking, stripteases, campervans, star gazing, horse riding, Waltzing Matilda, and of course love and sex. Lots of love and sex. Continue reading “Not-So-Straight Sue”

Sunday Snog for Haiti – Lisabet Sarai

From Lisabet Sarai:

In response to the devastation of Haiti by Hurricane Matthew, I am running a charity Sunday Snog.

For each person who leaves a comment, I will donate one dollar to Oxfam America’s hurricane relief fund.

I’m also giving away a copy of the featured book Rough Weather (which happens to have a Haitian hero) to one randomly selected commenter.

Check out Lisabet’s post here and leave a comment for Haiti.

Performance Review

ID-100360107It is that time of year again in my day job. Everyone’s least favourite hour in their working day.  No, not 8:00am on a Monday, but performance review time. Two pages of inane questions to which you have to answer what is basically the expected path. You can’t say what you really think. You can’t make a joke and  move on.  After all, the annual pay rise at least partially depends on it. Continue reading “Performance Review”

Order Up Blog Tour

Order Up Cover 394 x 600Welcome to my stop on the Order Up blog tour.  I’ve taken the baton from the amazing Jove  Belle, and I’ll leave it here on the kitchen counter while I write my post.

The first thing  to say about Order Up before I dive into my post, is that you can’t have too many anthologies combining food and lesbian romance and sex. The other one that comes to mind right now, is the first anthology edited by the winning team of R.G. Emanuelle and Andi Marquette and that’s All You Can Eat. Which was a Lammy finalist. Deservedly so.

I had a story in All You Can Eat, and so I’m doubly delighted to be here again in Order Up.

My story is about bunya bunya nuts. Continue reading “Order Up Blog Tour”

I am not a city person

20160427_062356I am so not a city person. Sure, I’ve spent a lot of my life in cities–work has a way of doing that to you–but equally, I’ve lived in small towns, medium towns, and spent a lot of time on the road travelling. But where I’m happiest, in a zen-at-one with-the-world, embracing-the-landscape sort of way, is where things are hot and dry and there’s not many people. The space. The dryness. The sweep of stars at night. Being able to see to the horizon and then some.

Many people seem to get that from the sea. But unless you’re on the ocean in a small boat, coastal areas around the world tend to be some of the most populated. And it is my nightmare to be stuck on a small boat with a bunch of people and nowhere to escape. I’m not that good a swimmer.

Continue reading “I am not a city person”

The weekend

Ever had a weekend when nothing particularly earthshaking happens, but it’s an excellent weekend anyway?

First there was brekky by the surf with dear friends. Then there was coffee and banana cake with my favorite feline, then there was 200 words written between tidying house and sunset drinks that started at 5pm and went on until 10.30 (note to self: next time include a dinner invite).

Sunday morning saw mist in the valley, and sunshine breaking through. Coffee from a local plantation, a decent block of writing time that added nearly 2000 words to my manuscript, which is Fenced-In Felix, the third novel in my “Girl meets Girl” series from Ylva.

The avocados are finally ripening. The pawpaw is not, but hey, I love green pawpaw salad. The lettuce is growing, the parsley has died, the eggplants are on the edge of bitter, but there’s limes falling off the tree and I think I have half a bottle of tequila somewhere, and you know what that means.

Margarita time.

Order Up

AllYouCanEat-197x300Back, what seems like a long, long time ago, but was probably only last year, I had a story in a fabulous anthology about food and romance and sometimes about sex.  Andi Marquette and R.G.Emanuelle co-edited All You Can Eat: a buffet of lesbian erotica and romance.  Here’s the stupendous cover, if you need a reminder.  What was so great about the antho (well, one of the things) was the originality of the stories and the meshing of the food and romance themes.  Also, each story ended with a recipe, and some of them were stupendous.  I still regularly cook one of those recipes most times I go camping, because it’s so easy and delicious and simple to cook on a rusty two-burner camp stove.  It’s Jae’s  Zucchini Alla Panna, if you want to know, and I hope I spelled that right, as I make it so often I don’t need to look up the recipe any more. Continue reading “Order Up”

What to do when not writing

20160313_140658I’ve had my head down and bum up on the writing front for the last few months.  It’s been terrific, and I feel I’ve made good progress. But this weekend, the only writing I’m doing is this blog post (oh, and a shopping list, but that doesn’t count).

I like to take little mini breaks away from writing from time to time. It keeps things fresh, and even though I’m not consciously thinking about my story, I’ll quite often have a little random thought pop into my head that time away has allowed to surface.   The last random thought was “must check the range of green tree frogs in Queensland” (Answer: pretty much everywhere, especially where you least expect them. Especially any toilet where someone left the lid up.) Continue reading “What to do when not writing”

Cover Reveal: Not-So-Straight Sue

You know you’re busy when your partner has to ask you three times if you want a glass of wine and you just. haven’t. heard.

That’s what it’s been like in the Blue House on the Hill these last few weeks.  Sure, there’s a lot of the usual crap going down that anybody you ask will also be bogged in up to the oxters (Oxters. Lovely word. Needs a revival) but I’ve been running around like a headless chook with writing things. Which is a lot better than day job things, and administrivia (although one of these days I really must finish my tax return before the Australian Tax Office comes a-knocking).

Continue reading “Cover Reveal: Not-So-Straight Sue”

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